Outreach Service

Looking for a blogger outreach service that lands links on legitimate sites and will move the needle? 

Our blogger outreach service at Complete White Label was founded based on our previously negative experiences with outsourced link building providers. And, over the years, we’ve gotten very good at landing links and placements for websites in sectors of all sorts.

Average Turnaround Time For Blogger Outreach Services: 14-21 Days

Blogger Outreach

£ 115
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Manual, Bespoke Outreach
  • 500+ Words Included

Why use blogger outreach as part of a link building strategy?

There’s often one type of outreach that gets a negative spin put on it, and that is blogger outreach! And, speaking from experience, we can understand why. In an industry filled with black-hat link sellers and private blog networks disguised as legitimate sites, it’s easy to see why you may be wary about a link attribution service of any kind. 

However, used effectively, blogger outreach and working with publishers that are relevant to the sectors of your clients (or your own site) can be a very scalable approach to link building (particularly in industries or niches that are otherwise very hard to land links on).

Additionally, blogger outreach links are very natural ways to grow the referring domains and overall domain authority of your own portfolio of websites too, whether that’s growing an affiliate site or competing in a difficult market for your clients. 

Relevant Guest Posts from Authority Blogs

Whether a hobby blog or a full time endeavour, the DR20+ bloggers we outreach to are the types that you’re proud to show your clients (or receive a link to your own sites), and they also don’t cost the earth.

To get the most out of DR20+ bloggers we’d recommend buying in batches and providing our team with the type of niche or sector you require links. We’re not guaranteed to get exact match anchors or super-specific niches, but we’ll always do our best and work to the advice you provide within your order.

Outreach To Legitimate Bloggers

DR30+ bloggers are the kinds that have taken that next step into blogging, and are commonly blogging full time.

And, when this comes to landing a link, we find that DR50+ is the sweet spot where the link fee isn’t sky high, and the results speak for themselves.

Please note that if your website is in a niche that could be considered ‘sensitive’ e.g. gambling, forex etc, that we would need to discuss this with you prior to your order.  

High Authority Blogger Outreach

If there was a premium offering when it comes to blogger outreach, this is it.

Priced competitively and based on our custom outreach model, our DR50+ outreach service deals with only verifiably legitimate bloggers and publishers, who can work with our outreach team to provide a blend of both content and relevant anchor text that will move the needle.

How The Process Works


We start by taking the time to analyse your order and your brief. The more information you provide in your order, the more research our team can action. Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, we analyse the target URL that you’ve inputted and similar site in the organic search results, in order to reverse-engineer link opportunities specific to the sector. 


Any sites that we deem to be credible based on metrics such as domain rating and traffic levels will be added to a ‘potential’ list. The team will then go one step further to reverse-crawl the outlinks of any sites on the list via Screaming Frog, to ensure that no links could be potentially deemed as harmful or in any way negatively affect your site later down the line. 


Our team contact the sites that pass our manual checks with a content-first approach. Our aim is to collaborate with bloggers and publishers in order to land your link, therefore all order include the content we write (typically 500+ words) to provide to the site owner. You will also be emailed with an order to update to pre-approve the target site, and the content we will ultimately provide. 



Once approved, the content is provided to the publisher, and you will be notified once live. We understand that this manual, bespoke process can take a little longer, however our aim is to take the necessary steps to ensure that you get the best links from reputable, authority websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot go wrong with opting for the 30+ option, however for serious authority there’s always the DR50+ option to add to your order.

No. We take a longer, manual and bespoke approach that is content-first and avoids paying for links. We also find that the types of sites that simply offer backlinks for a fee are not the types of sites that we want to work with, or the sites we feel comfortable placing a link on. Sometimes site owners may charge a small publishing fee for their time, in which case this cost will be included in your order at no extra fee to you.

From working agency-side and with SEO clients in a previous life, our team understand that transparency that some clients expect. And, we also want to be fully transparent with you. This means that you can see the site(s) we aim to place your link on and have the chance to approve or deny them. You can then also see the content we provide to the publishers, and again have the opportunity to amend or raise any issues prior to the content being passed over.

As we outreach in a bespoke manner based on the number of links in your order, naturally they will all be obtained around the same time. We’d recommend staggering your orders or speaking to our team via hello@completewhitelabel.com if you require further insight into putting together a natural outreach strategy.

Of course! If you’re wondering where to start or just need to run ideas by us prior to your order, please contact hello@completewhitelabel.com and we’d be happy to assist you.