Guest Posting Service

Pre-approve your guest post links with our premium, transparent outreach service 

When it comes to guest posts, you need to ensure that you’re opting for a transparent provider who isn’t working off the same old list of sites.¬†

With our guest posting approach, not only is outreach completely bespoke every time, but for DR30-49 & DR50+ options you can fully pre-approve both the websites who -pass our internal metrics each time to work with, and the content we write to then send on to each publisher. 

Average Turnaround Time For Guest Post Services: 14-21 Days

Guest Posts

£ 115
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Manual, Bespoke Outreach
  • 500+ Words Included

Why use guest posts as part of a link building strategy?

Guest posting is a link building strategy that still works incredibly well, when done properly with legitimate sites. 

What do we mean by legitimate sites? We look for publishers, bloggers and site owners with steady traffic to their sites, no evidence of being a PBN, and not using their site as a link farm (essentially providing a backlink for money to anyone who asks). 

You often see these types of sites regularly when guest posting. If you’ve ever done guest posting before, you’ll know these exact site types… those built on an expired domain, completely plastered with ‘write for us ‘ links. These are the types of sites that could cause you trouble later down the line, so whilst it’s easy to get a link, it’s not worth it.¬†¬†

Landing legitimate guest post links is all about fostering a relationship with relevant sites, and using analysis data to inform your approach. Read on to see how it all happens.  

Contextual Guest Posts From Relevant Websites

All of guest posting starts with a detailed analysis of your competitors, at no extra cost to you. This is an internal analysis from our team to outline immediate opportunities for guest posting based on the types of sites already linking to your competitors. 

We then widen the competitor pool to put together a detailed, ever-growing outreach list of relevant sites, which are then audited with our internal processes to ensure they’re not doing anything untoward in the background (PBN, links to poor quality sites etc).¬†¬†

Fully Bespoke Outreach Every Time

There are some guest post providers who just work off a list each time a new order comes through to their team. Whilst this approach can land you links quickly, it’s an issue for two main reasons:¬†

  • Site Relevance – The types of sites who give guest posts to anybody who emails them are often very broad, and whilst they may have category that somewhat matches that of your site or your client, it’s often never close enough to be of any real relevance¬†

  • Authority Dilution & Link Farming –¬†The second and more serious point is that these sites will often link to anybody for a fee, which means not only will they lose authority over time by sheer external link volume, but also there will be a pattern of guest posting to less-than-reputable sites, which again can create a very clear footprint and damage authority over time

High Authority Guest Posting

Guest posting can seem like a simple approach on paper, but there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Whether that’s the thousands of emails we’ve sent to get to the point where we know what works, the costs for all of the tools involved, and the sheer volume of data we analyse each time a guest post order comes through our site, it’s often the type of link building strategy that makes sense to outsource, and ensure it’s done right by a specialist team.¬†

How The Process Works


Based on your order we analyse your site and your competitors to look for immediate quick-win opportunities. We then expand further to create one master outreach list for your order. 

Using our email data on high-converting emails, we then start to contact websites based on our data on relevance, pitch type, and the authority required inline with your order. 


Of the site who agree to a guest post, when then create a second list to further analyse the health of the site. This is in relation to aspects such as external links, domain rating growth over time. wayback machine history, and referring IP’s to locate link farms or PBN’s.¬†


For orders other than the DR20-29, the site(s) which pass our criteria will be sent to you based on your order for you to pre-approve. 

We will also agree on content titles with each publisher, which again you can approve before we write the content. 


Once the content is complete, we will send across to you for final approval. This then gets sent back to the publisher, and we remain in constant contact until the link goes live. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We just understand that this form of link building goes under various different names. And, while natural blogger outreach is more of an accurate summary of what we provide, it’s the same process we follow when it comes to our guest posting service.

Absolutely not. All of our link building and outreach services are done bespoke every time.

Yes! You can pre-approve DR30-49 and DR50+ guest post links (both the publishers and the content we send to them).

It absolutely is, you just need to know what good and bad both look like. Naturally, we’re not going to be approaching link farms, sites plastered with ‘write for us’ or ‘guest post with us’, and we won’t work with sites that don’t pass our rigorous metrics. Plus, you also have pre-approval options on guest posting too, so you can also have the final say.

When done properly, any link building campaign will take multiple approaches as a means of developing site-wide authority. Combining guest posting with HARO outreach is a great way to control the keyword anchors and link destinations of your links (guest posting) whilst also targeting DR50+ journalist and high-authority publisher links (HARO).

In its simplest format, a guest post backlink is a link that you as a website owner place on another website as a guest article, post or blog. 

Often, this involves providing content to the publisher as a means of securing the backlink.