Digital PR Package (5 Days)


Hire our digital PR outreach team for your campaign

This is a custom, bespoke outreach service based on the back of the success of our done for you blogger outreach services.

All sites we outreach to as part of the package are DA20+, and this service is completely bespoke to the needs of your niche, or the sector in which your client operates.

Please order the number of links as you see fit and leave a comment with the website you require the links for. As this is a bespoke service, please only place one order per site, with the number of links you require per order. For example, place one order requiring ten links for one client, then do another order for another client or website.


Add-ons total:



What’s the difference between this custom package and your blogger outreach packages?

This custom service is completely tailored to the types of links that you require, based on the needs of the site. For the added fee our team will make the judgement call on where to approach sites, therefore the extra fee is for:

  • Competitor link analysis
  • Bespoke outreach (not limited to bloggers compared to the blogger-specific outreach service)
  • Digital PR for outreach purposes

It is this custom digital PR angle that really sets this custom link building service apart from others. Basically, we do the outreach that your site needs whether that’s to create a press release to secure a link, submit and re-work existing content, and work with existing data to create a meaningful PR piece.

Turnaround time is anywhere between 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the number of links you require.

Is this different to the blogger outreach services?


Whilst our blogger outreach service is also bespoke, it’s often a much more streamlined process for us to land quality blogger links via our list of contacts in the industry.

So, what you’re paying the added fee for is our entire outreach teams time of analysing, sourcing and creating bespoke strategies for your site, not just a one size fits all approach. Essentially, we’re not focusing on just one link. For this custom service you get access to our entire outreach team for one day, to work with the data you have on your site to utilise digital PR and outreach strategies for link acquisition.


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