👉 Pre-approval Available On All Blogger Outreach Orders

Asked Questions

Some of the more common questions we get asked in relation to our services

General Questions

As you’ll see across our site, we are primarily known as a link building agency, which is purely based on the capabilites of our team. 

We also provide content services and technical SEO auditing, so essentially you can utilise the primary buy-it-now services to get a fully managed package. We do also offer a fully managed solution, so please do get in touch if that’s something you’re specifically looking for. 

If you don’t want a fully managed solution, that is absolutely fine. We offer buy-now options on blogger outreach, digital PR link building, guest posting, content and technical SEO audits. 

If there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t a managed SEO package and isn’t listed already on our site as part of the primary services, by all means get in touch and we’d be happy to have a chat. 

It’s purely because we want to make our white label services as transparent as possible, That’s all it comes down to! 

If you want to use our white label SEO services but have no idea where to start, we’d be happy to help. 

Contact us and we can get a call set up to run through your requirements, and where we can fit into the process as an outsourced SEO solution.

Backlink Packages

We do not provide pre-approval on DR20-29 links, and we want to keep these packages as open as possible with the option of full pre-approval. 

However, if you so want to discuss a wholesale purchase of links under a DR of 30, we’d be happy to discuss. Contact our team today. 

You don’t have to, but you’re always given the option regardless as it is part of the service. 

When done right, absolutely. This approach is a fantastic way of controlling the anchor text and link destination of each link. 

It’s also an incredible way of working with established sites which are often very niche-specific. 

Generally, we expect to see any link go live within 7 days of the content being approved and sent to the publisher. 

We can certainly ask the publisher about a go-live date upon approval, but it’s not something we can guarantee as we’re not the ones hitting ‘publish’ on the content. 

We would always advise that you vary your anchor text and link destination. If you’re not sure on how to do this, we’d be happy to chat once you’ve placed your order. 

Or, if you’re in two minds about placing an order because of anchor text uncertainty, we’d be happy to discuss how you should be putting-together an anchor text strategy for external links. 

Whether you want to place a custom order, or simply require a large number of links per month, we’d be happy to discuss at hello@completewhitelabel.com 

Guest Posting

Yes! We just understand that this form of link building goes under various different names. And, while natural blogger outreach is more of an accurate summary of what we provide, it’s the same process we follow when it comes to our guest posting service.

Absolutely not. All of our link building and outreach services are done bespoke every time.

Yes! You can pre-approve the links and the content if you choose our pre-approval package. 

It absolutely is, you just need to know what good and bad both look like. Naturally, we’re not going to be approaching link farms, sites plastered with ‘write for us’ or ‘guest post with us’, and we won’t work with sites that don’t pass our rigorous metrics. Plus, you also have pre-approval options on guest posting too, so you can also have the final say.

When done properly, any link building campaign will take multiple approaches as a means of developing site-wide authority. Combining guest posting with digital PR outreach is a great way to control the keyword anchors and link destinations of your links (guest posting) whilst also targeting DR60+ journalist and high-authority publisher links. 

In its simplest format, a guest post backlink is a link that you as a website owner place on another website as a guest article, post or blog. 

Often, this involves providing content to the publisher as a means of securing the backlink. 

White Label Link Building

Yes, we’re very happy to sign an NDA in order to provide link building service. We’re purely a white label agency, so NDA’s are our second nature!

The only case studies we will ever share are those not covered by an NDA, and with the consent and pre-approval of the client. We will never share details of the agencies we provide our white label services for.

Absolutely! Some niches lend themselves better to different link building approaches than others. We also appreciate that your budget may differ on a per-client basis. If you have any initial questions and want to get our opinion on the best link building approach for any of your clients, please just send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a detailed breakdown of how we think you should proceed.

Yes, we’re regularly asked to audit and analyse the approach to link building that many agencies currently have, whether that’s an internal approach or from a white label provider.

We’ve made our website as easy as possible to purchase our productised link building services upfront. However, if you’d rather we send an invoice, we’d be happy to do so. We invoice upfront for our link building services due to the bespoke nature of the approach, and the time investment required upfront to proceed with a campaign.

We’re happy to discuss any niche you may require us to work with. Some niches can take different approaches than others, but either way we’re happy to discuss an approach on a per-niche or per-client basis. 

Managed SEO

If you want to hire our team for ad-hoc work then we can do so on a set day rate which is based on our research and years in the industry. Get in touch for more information on how we can work in terms of ad-hoc managed services.

First, we will discuss the requirements for your client(s) either via a call, video conference or through emails.

Usually either prior or post-call we will sign a non-disclosure agreement, which means that we enter into an understanding that once your clients are shown to us, we will not contact them or any members of their team, in any capacity.

At the moment our focus is on delivering productised SEO services, specifically link building, content, tech SEO and ad-hoc support.

Link Building

You absolutely can do link building on your own, however the reason why many of our clients come to services like ours is because they struggle to build quality links at scale. Getting to this point was easy for us either! 

Technically no, you don’t have to, but we like to give you the choice in order to be as transparent as possible in our processes. 

We make sure that any link building strategy is firmly rooted in what the data tells us an appropriate number to build each month. This also includes how aggressive it makes sense to be with your anchor text. Spoiler alert, we’re not into the aggressive forms of link building! 

Also, if we feel you’ve ordered too many links or you’ve gone too anchor text-heavy with your approach, we’ll get in touch and work with you to ensure that your approach is as data-driven and safe as possible. 

We find that generally when working with bloggers, they’re usually quick to publish the content that we provide them on your behalf in order to place a link. 

With editorial outreach or journalist request platforms, we’re often at the mercy of the journalist or publisher in terms of when the content goes live. This is why we estimate a 6-8 week publishing window, although sometimes we’ve refunded orders and then seen a piece go live 6 months later… this isn’t always the case, but it’s often why the orders take longer… it’s because there are many more moving pieces with larger publications. 

Absolutely. At any point you can cancel your order, no questions asked.

Blogger Outreach

You cannot go wrong with opting for the 30+ option, however for serious authority there’s always the DR50+ option to add to your order.

From working agency-side and with SEO clients in a previous life, our team understand that transparency that some clients expect. And, we also want to be fully transparent with you. This means that you can see the site(s) we aim to place your link on and have the chance to approve or deny them. You can then also see the content we provide to the publishers, and again have the opportunity to amend or raise any issues prior to the content being passed over.

From working agency-side and with SEO clients in a previous life, our team understand that transparency that some clients expect. And, we also want to be fully transparent with you. This means that you can see the site(s) we aim to place your link on and have the chance to approve or deny them. You can then also see the content we provide to the publishers, and again have the opportunity to amend or raise any issues prior to the content being passed over.

As we outreach in a bespoke manner based on the number of links in your order, naturally they will all be obtained around the same time. We’d recommend staggering your orders or speaking to our team via hello@completewhitelabel.com if you require further insight into putting together a natural outreach strategy.

Of course! If you’re wondering where to start or just need to run ideas by us prior to your order, please contact hello@completewhitelabel.com and we’d be happy to assist you.

Digital PR Link Building

It is much harder to get any anchor other than a branded one, as that is what most journalists and publishers will opt for. We guarantee branded anchors. 

In order to keep the process as smooth and natural as possible, we use branded anchors to link only to your homepage. This massively increases the chances of landing the link.

There are two main reasons why we ask for longer with this type of outreach. The first is that we need time and data to outline exactly what types of responses and publishers respond well to your business specifically. 

The second is that not all features go live instantly, some may take weeks. We need extended time to track incoming links via our suite of tools, as often the publishers or journalists will not tell us directly. 

Note that 6-8 weeks is a guideline, if you’re ordering 10+ links at a time then this period is likely to be longer. We will continue to outreach for you until the minimum link order amount is met. 

We cannot, and therefore stick to using branded anchors to your website homepage to ensure that the process stays as natural as possible. 

We cannot offer pre-approval because it is common for journalists to not initially share their publication information. 

With this type of outreach, we can’t guarantee that your links will be follow or nofollow, however you will not be charged for any nofollow links. This means that you can rest assured that it’s very likely you’ll get additional links as part of your order. 

We will continue to outreach under the ‘follow’ live link amount has been met as part of your outreach service order. 

We provide reporting in the form of a shared spreadsheet which logs the date of the request, the source, query and response. Any live links are then also logged in an additional tab on a per-order basis. 

This approach allows you to see exactly the types of responses we send, the publications we opt for and the quality of responses that our team are sending out to journalists and publishers on a regular basis. 

Well, to begin with, it’s the approach that has allowed us to rapidly build our authority in a very competitive sector.

Additionally, we have a specific team built for scaling.

This means that whether you want to go for 5 or 50 links, we can facilitate large orders over longer periods of time. 

We’re transparent about everything we do, and we’re always here to talk to you about how these services work in greater detail. We can also absolutely send you examples of recent links we’ve obtained, both for our site and for clients. 

Finally, we create custom emails, often for multiple meters of your team, and really take that next step to land incredible links. For example, if we’re seeing an abundance of HR-related requests over a given time period, we’ll create a custom email for the person you choose to represent HR for your business. This means that we’re not wasting any replies by trying to respond to queries when the actual respondee isn’t relevant.

Ultimately, we know how this process works and we’re very open with how we achieve results, and how we can do the same for your site. 

SEO Audits

We use multiple tools and spend a lot of time in the initial stages to gather as much data as possible, prior to documenting our findings and providing recommendations. 

The more time we have, the more data we have to provide bespoke recommendations for the organic development of your site. 

Because sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing wrong with what you have on your website, it’s what you’re missing. Looking at aspects such as link building opportunities and competitor gap data provides incredible insights to where you should be taking your SEO strategy. 

And, ultimately, that’s what we want the audit to inform. 

Whilst it’s not ideal, we can still perform the audit without SC & GA Access. We would, however, prefer that we get full access to both profiles prior to starting the audit. 

Absolutely. We make sure that we include a friendly write-up version of the audit findings so that you don’t have to trawl through the data and audit sheet findings that are also provided. 

We provide both because some people love to see our entire auditing process via the sheet and raw data formats, whereas others just want the client-friendly version to pass on to their clients. 

We think that, in order to get the most out of the audit and to make the findings as actionable as possible, that it’s best to look at as wide an array of data points and aspects of SEO as possible.