HARO Link Building Service

Looking for high-authority backlinks via Help A Reporter Out and similar platforms? We can help. 

If you want to get some serious authority into your site, then HARO, or more broadly working with journalist requests, is an incredible way to do it. 

Read on to see what HARO is, why we love it for high-authority link building, and what the process looks like for landing links that provide that serious authority boost. 

Average Turnaround Time For HARO Backlinks (x5): 6-8 Weeks

HARO Backlinks

x5 per order
£ 1,500
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Bespoke Outreach
  • Daily Responses

Why use Help A Reporter Out for link building and digital PR outreach?

When it comes to link building, the aspect that most website owners struggle with is being consistent enough to have a quality outreach process in place. This applies more than ever to HARO, and how you approach it. 

HARO or ‘Help A Reporter Out’ is essentially a platform created by Cision which allows website owners to respond to requests put out by journalists. Naturally, if you respond in the correct way, you can land links on some incredible websites. 

Read on to see exactly how we build HARO backlinks time and time again for our clients. 

How Our HARO Link Building Service Works


The HARO outreach process starts by a member of our team having a call with you to fully understand your business. Based on this information, we can put together a custom Gmail account, set up your HARO profile and create a biography in which the link to your site will be housed. 


We respond to all three HARO emails sent per day on your behalf. All responses are sent within a shared spreadsheet so that you can see exactly how many responses our team are replying to. You can then also keep track of any links that are going live (and we will send these live features to you too). 


We don’t just use HARO, but it is our main platform for this service. We also use similar platforms such as Qwoted and working directly with journalist requests, both of which are essentially the same as HARO (allowing us to cover a broad spread of publisher and journalist requests). 


Over a 6-8 week period, we obtain HARO links by consistently responding to relevant requests on your behalf. 

Starting Your HARO Outreach Journey

This type of link building coupled with blogger outreach can be incredibly powerful. This is because, 99% of the time, HARO links are branded anchors pointing back to your homepage. So, you can also use blogger outreach to change anchors as required to go a little more keyword specific. 

Also, in the same way as our blogger outreach transparency, you will have full access to the replies we send on your behalf and the progress we’re making with your order. 

Whilst we call this a HARO outreach service, we also use platforms like Qwoted, Terkel, Source Bottle, #journorequest and many others as a means of outreach. Similar types of publishers often look for sources across many of the same sites, so by replying across HARO and its alternatives we increase the chances of obtaining authority links for your site. 

We will continue to do outreach on your behalf until the minimum order amount is met. 

Note that any links under Ahrefs DR40 you will not be charged for. Also, you will not be charged for any nofollow links, regardless of Ahrefs domain rating.  

As soon as the link minimum order has been met, we will stop outreach on your behalf. It is likely that you may pick-up even more links later down the link on top of your order, purely based on the number of responses we send out per day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is much harder to get any anchor other than a branded one, as that is what most journalists and publishers will opt for. We guarantee branded anchors. 

In order to keep the process as smooth and natural as possible, we use branded anchors to link only to your homepage. This massively increases the chances of landing the link.

There are two main reasons why we ask for longer with HARO outreach. The first is that we need time and data to outline exactly what types of responses and publishers respond well to your business specifically. 

The second is that not all features go live instantly, some may take weeks. We need extended time to track incoming links via our suite of tools, as often the publishers or journalists will not tell us directly. 

Note that 6-8 weeks is a guideline, if you’re ordering 10+ HARO links at a time then this period is likely to be longer. We will continue to outreach for you until the minimum link order amount is met. 

We cannot, and therefore stick to using branded anchors to your website homepage to ensure that the process stays as natural as possible. 

We cannot offer pre-approval because it is common for journalists on HARO to not initially share their publication information. 

With this type of outreach, we can’t guarantee that your links will be follow or nofollow, however you will not be charged for any nofollow links. This means that you can rest assured that it’s very likely you’ll get additional links as part of your order. 

We will continue to outreach under the ‘follow’ live link amount has been met as part of your HARO outreach service order. 

We provide reporting in the form of a shared spreadsheet which logs the date of the request, the source (e.g. HARO, Quoted, Terkel), media outlet (e.g. Forbes, Shopify etc), Query and Response. Any live links are then also logged in an additional tab on a per-order basis. 

This approach allows you to see exactly the types of responses we send, the publications we opt for and the quality of responses that our team are sending out to journalists and publishers on a regular basis. 

Well, to begin with, it’s the approach that has allowed us to rapidly build our authority in a very competitive sector. Additionally, we have a specific team built for scaling just with HARO and its alternatives. This means that whether you want to go for 5 or 50 HARO links, we can facilitate large orders over longer periods of time. 

We’re transparent about everything we do, and we’re always here to talk to you about how these services work in greater detail. We can also absolutely send you examples of recent links we’ve obtained, both for our site and for clients. 

Finally, we create custom emails, often for multiple meters of your team, and really take that next step to land incredible links. For example, if we’re seeing an abundance of HR-related responses on HARO over a given time period, we’ll create a custom email for the person you choose to represent HR for your business. This means that we’re not wasting any replies by trying to respond to queries when the actual respondee isn’t relevant.

Ultimately, we know how this process works and we’re very open with how we achieve results, and how we can do the same for your site.