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SEO Audit Service

Our SEO audits are completely bespoke, actionable, and give you a roadmap to develop your SEO strategy. Let’s get your SEO health on the right track.

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We recommend starting any project with an SEO audit. You’re essentially taking a peek behind the curtain and looking not only at what can currently be improved with what you have on your site, but also what can be further developed to continue to grow your SEO strategy. 

Our audits aren’t the typical audit because we don’t just focus on technical factors or a checklist from a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs. Yes, these tools are used, but this isn’t just an exported PDF. We go in-depth with the data – read on to see exactly what our SEO audits involve.

SEO Audit



A completely bespoke approach to actionable SEO audits.

14-21 Day turnaround*


You start by ordering the audit. The price is dependant on the number of URLs we’ll be auditing. If you don’t know what that number is, we can find that out for you. 

We may also have further questions for you, but as part of the order you’ll see that we want to know things such as if you have in-house SEO and development resource, if you’ve ever been hit by a manual penalty, and whether we can get access. to your Search Console and Google Analytics profiles. 

Once we have all of the upfront information we need about your business, we can then get to work with the audit. 


We use Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl to get a full export of all the URL on your site. We’ll also use a blend of SEMrush and Ahrefs to gather benchmark data, and run a competitor gap analysis so that you can see the clear keyword areas that your competitors are focusing on, which your site currently does not rank for. 

We’ll then flag what we consider to be the basics, such as any issues with metadata, headings and URL structures. 


As the audit progresses, we focus on aspects such as: 

– Core Web Vitals 

– Page Speed 

– Usability 

– Accessibility 

– Keyword Gaps 

– Backlinks 

– Indexing Issues (with an emphasis on Search Console data) 

– Sitemap Analysis 

– Response Codes & Redirects 

& much, much more 


Your audit is delivered with a high to low priority checklist of tasks based on those which will provide the highest SEO value. 

We also provide. a friendlier write-up document, so if you don’t want to look through the auditing analysis then you can peruse the write-up document. 

We’re also happy to jump on a call to run-through the findings and give our recommendations. 

SEO Audit Service

Where to start with ordering your SEO audit

Whether you’ve been told that you need an audit or you know that it’s time for one, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have about the process. 

That could be things like what to expect from the findings, an example audit (please just get in touch and we can show you the audit structure), or how this auditing process works if you’re an agency owner looking to use this as a white label service. 

Whatever the question, drop us a message and we can get back to you about creating an actionable, data-driven audit that provides real business value to your website. 

Asked Questions

Technically, yes,  you could just go to a tool and get an audit. However, a standalone tool will often miss the most important part of any audit… context. 

Without context, you could end up briefing your team, your developer or even taking the time yourself to resolve tasks that should not be a high priority. For example, a tool flagging meta descriptions over recommended length as a high priority, but failing to mention that your site has deep-rooted indexing issues and an inconsistent canonical URL structure. 

Our audits are sought-after because we provide both the data analysis and the context, based on the tasks that will provide the most SEO and business value. These recommendations come from our years of auditing and deep SEO knowledge. Read on to see what the auditing process looks like when you place an audit order with us.  

We use multiple tools and spend a lot of time in the initial stages to gather as much data as possible, prior to documenting our findings and providing recommendations. 

The more time we have, the more data we have to provide bespoke recommendations for the organic development of your site. 

Because sometimes, it’s not what you’re doing wrong with what you have on your website, it’s what you’re missing. Looking at aspects such as link building opportunities and competitor gap data provides incredible insights to where you should be taking your SEO strategy. 

And, ultimately, that’s what we want the audit to inform. 

Whilst it’s not ideal, we can still perform the audit without SC & GA Access. We would, however, prefer that we get full access to both profiles prior to starting the audit. 

Absolutely. We make sure that we include a friendly write-up version of the audit findings so that you don’t have to trawl through the data and audit sheet findings that are also provided. 

We provide both because some people love to see our entire auditing process via the sheet and raw data formats, whereas others just want the client-friendly version to pass on to their clients. 

We think that, in order to get the most out of the audit and to make the findings as actionable as possible, that it’s best to look at as wide an array of data points and aspects of SEO as possible.