Backlink Packages

Discover our link building packages. Same pre-approval process. bigger savings. Let’s elevate the authority of your site. 

Link packages are the best ways to save money if you’re coming back to our blogger outreach or HARO link building services each month. 

If you’re buying multiple links each month, whether guest posts, bloggers links otherwise, then this is the best way to get the same quality and save on your monthly costs in the process. 

Like with all of outreach services, you get complete pre-approval of the publishers (or bloggers), and you can also sign-off the 500+ words of content that we send for each confirmed publisher who wants to work with us (and meets the metrics of your order, plus our rigorous screening process). 

Due to the quantity of links, we will not ask you to fill-out an order form per link placement (we don’t want you to be filling out forms all day!). Once your order is placed, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements in terms of target niches, anchor text, and link placement requirements. 

Blogger Outreach - Guest Post Link Building - Package 1

£ 800
  • x5 Backlinks
  • x5 DR30-49
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Manual, Bespoke Outreach
  • 500+ Words Included per link
  • You save: £75

Blogger Outreach - Guest Post Link Building - Package 2

£ 2740
  • x10 Backlinks
  • x6 DR50+
  • x4 DR30-49
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Manual, Bespoke Outreach
  • 500+ Words Included per link
  • You save: £150

Blogger Outreach - Guest Post Link Building - Package 3

£ 4520
  • x20 Backlinks
  • x8 DR50+
  • x12 DR30-49
  • Ahrefs DR Metrics
  • Manual, Bespoke Outreach
  • 500+ Words Included per link
  • You save: £500

Found a link package that you like the look of?

Whether you’ve found a link package that you like the look of and want to discuss it further, or if you want discuss a completely bespoke link package not mentioned on this page, we’d be happy to chat. 

You can reach our team of link building experts at hello@completewhitelabel.com

Save Time And Money

The majority of the website owners who purchase our link packages are doing so in order to resell our links, which is natural given that what we do is fully white label as a service. However, if you’re an affiliate site owner or blogger yourself, you can certainly still take advantage of the time and money savings that buying in bulk provides. 

Grow your site authority with a data-driven approach from a team that cares

We’ve been where you are, and that’s the reason behind a) creating a link building package service and b) creating an approach to outreach that is as completely transparent as possible. 

You’ll never be kept in the dark, and you’ll be involved at each stage of the process. 

How The Backlink Package Process Works


You choose one of the link packages which suits your requirements and budget. If you don’t know how many links you’ll need each month, or don’t know how many you ned to bridge the gap between you and your competitors, then we’d be happy to take a look for you for free. 

Using our range of tools and ink modelling processes, we can outline what a realistic number of links for your sector and current authority should look like in order to effectively compete. 


We set to work with outreach methods in order to find sites that match the criteria of your order. 

For link building packages, we find sites based on blogger outreach methods. This includes reverse-engineering referring domains to sites in your wider sector, establishing relationships with industry publishers, and actively outreaching to authority publications on your behalf. 


As with the blogger outreach service and guest post approach that is easily the most popular of our methods, you get full pre-approval of both the sites in which your links are placed, and the content sent to the publishers. 

If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with the website we find or the content sent to a certain website, we will replace it at no extra cost to you. Psst…it’s rare that this ever happens, but it’s nice to have the added transparency isn’t it! 


As links go live, we’ll be in contact to let you know. We’ll also be in touch across the entire process to let you know how things are going, providing update timings and generally answering any questions you may have. 

If the link package option seems appealing but you don’t know which one to get, drop our team a message and we’ll be happy to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not provide pre-approval on DR20-29 links, and we want to keep these packages as open as possible with the option of full pre-approval. 

However, if you so want to discuss a wholesale purchase of links under a DR of 30, we’d be happy to discuss. Contact our team today. 

You don’t have to, but you’re always given the option regardless as it is part of the service. 

When done right, absolutely. This approach is a fantastic way of controlling the anchor text and link destination of each link. 

It’s also an incredible way of working with established sites which are often very niche-specific. 

Generally, we expect to see any link go live within 7 days of the content being approved and sent to the publisher. 

We can certainly ask the publisher about a go-live date upon approval, but it’s not something we can guarantee as we’re not the ones hitting ‘publish’ on the content. 

We would always advise that you vary your anchor text and link destination. If you’re not sure on how to do this, we’d be happy to chat once you’ve placed your order. 

Or, if you’re in two minds about placing an order because of anchor text uncertainty, we’d be happy to discuss how you should be putting-together an anchor text strategy for external links. 

Whether you want to place a custom order, or simply require a large number of links per month, we’d be happy to discuss at hello@completewhitelabel.com